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"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."

John F Kennedy


At Rushwick, we aim to inspire all children to develop a love of physical activity and sport through our weekly PE lessons, daily physical activity, sports clubs and cluster competitions.  We are dedicated to ensuring healthy minds, as well as bodies, and we strive to educate both our children and families to develop a greater understanding on how to live healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices. 

We aim to ensure that our delivery of physical education allows all children to have the skills and mindset to leave primary school with the capabilities to be successful in their sporting challenges and active lifestyles at secondary school and beyond. Through the teaching of good physical education, whole school values and a whole child approach, we aim to nurture confident, resilient children who will strive for their personal best and who display good sportsmanship. 

We want to aid our children in obtaining the values and skills to celebrate and respect the success of others, as well as modestly celebrating their own successes. Children will learn the importance of working within teams developing their communication and collaborative skills. We listen to our children wants and needs and provide them with a range of active experiences and clubs. We have strong links with local clubs and partnerships within our community to ensure the children and families receive the support and knowledge they need. We enable spiritual development by allowing our children the freedom to move and express themselves.


  • A rich curriculum: Investment in sporting equipment to provide a broad range of sporting opportunities, and sufficient equipment to encourage full participation and engagement. 
  • Competition: Opportunity for all children to take part in competition (cluster sports, sports day, intra competitions, inter competitions and community events) across the academic year. 
  • Inclusion: Investment in equipment to ensure all pupils can participate in every lesson, and delivery of staff training when needed
  • Daily physical activity: Utilising the longer school day for activities highlighted below.

In addition to the school PE curriculum we offer our pupils at Rushwick an extensive range of sporting opportunities.  these include

  • Cricket skills by Worcester Cricket Club
  • Football by move more learn more
  • Tag Rugby tournaments
  • Bellboating Competition
  • Cross country opportunities
  • Football tournament with other schools
  • Netball in school and tournaments with other schools
  • Quick sticks in school tournaments
  • Swimming lessons
  • Sports Day (annual event)
  • Yoga sessions
  • Sports coaching to support mental health and well being


  • Physical activity will become part of the school day and staff and pupils will understand the benefits of regular movement. 
  • Increased activity levels for all pupils. 
  • Full participation and engagement in structured PE lessons. 
  • All children will be able to access, and have the opportunity to participate in a range of sports and competitions

National Curriculum

 Our objectives in the teaching of PE align with the National Curriculum in that we aim to ensure all pupils:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time.
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities.
  • Lead healthy, active lives