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At Rushwick CE Primary School we deliver the national curriculum for music using the KAPOW resources.  The overview of topics taught in all year groups can be seen below.

In Year 4, pupils have weekly lessons for a term throughout the year learning either the cornet, violin or clarinet.

In addition our pupils have the option of attending weekly choir sessions as well as learning to play the following instruments from external specialist teachers:

1. Violin

2. Cornet

3. Flute

4. Piano


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Musical stories

Celebration music

Music and movement

Exploring sound


Big Band

Year 1

Pulse and rhythm (Theme: All about me)

Musical vocabulary (Theme: Under the sea)

Tempo (Theme: Snail and mouse)

Timbre and rhythmic patterns (Theme: Fairy tales)

Pitch and tempo (Theme: Superheroes)

Vocal and body sounds: (Theme: By the sea)

Year 2

Dynamics, timbre, tempo and motifs (Theme: Space)

Musical me

West African call and response song (Theme: Animals)

Orchestral instruments (Theme: Traditional stories)

Myths and legends

On this island: British songs and sounds

Year 3


Creating a composition in response to an animation (Mountains)

Developing singing technique (Theme:

The Vikings)

Pentatonic melodies and composition (Theme: Chinese New Year)


Traditional instruments and improvisation (Theme: India)

Year 4

Body and tuned percussion (Theme: Rainforests)

Adapting and transposing motifs (Theme: Romans)

Rock and roll


Haiku, music and performance (Theme: Hanami)

Samba and carnival sounds and instruments

Changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics (Theme: Rivers)

Year 5

Composition notation (Theme: Ancient Egypt)


South and West Africa

Composition to represent the festival of colour (Theme: Holi festival)

Looping and remixing

Musical theatre

Year 6


Film music

Pop art


Songs of ww2

Composing and performing a leavers song.